Unlike the pre-sliced cheeses found in the dairy isle of your local grocery store, our provolone from Golfo di Napoli Dairy is made in the traditional southern Italian way and packs much more authentic flavor in every bite. The end result is cheese that no longer qualifies as a mere addition to sandwiches or dishes, but that shines out as a star of its own!

Our Provolone starts with a similar process as our Fior di Latte, warming stretched cheese curds to form elastic bands; however, it undergoes the addition of brining and aging.

There are two types of authentic Provolone which we offer: Provolone Dolce, or “sweet provolone,” and Provolone Piccante, or “spicy provolone.” Each has a very different, distinct flavor profile and as such, they are used in different ways.


Provolone Dolce, or “sweet provolone,” is aged 2-3 months, resulting in a mildly nutty, salty flavor with, as its name implies, a slightly sweet finish. It is a semi-hard cheese with a pale golden-yellow hue. Due to its mild flavor, provolone dolce is best enjoyed as a snacking or table cheese. That said, it can also be enjoyed on pizza or a warm panini complimenting other mild ingredients.


Provolone Piccante, or “spicy provolone,” is aged a minimum of 4 months and up to 3 years. Generally, you can find Provolone Piccante in our Mozzarella Store aged 4 months. As its name implies, provolone picante has a sharp, spicy finish, with a firmer, drier texture. Due to its firmer texture and sharper flavor, Provolone Piccante is perfect for grating over pastas, pizza or other classic Italian dishes. It also makes a great addition to your after-dinner cheese plate.