Our San Marzano P.D.O. tomatoes are the ideal representation of their breed. Following strict guidelines set forth by the Italian government, they are hand-picked at the peak of ripeness, have a sweet flavor, low acidity and low seed counts, creating the perfect base for your favorite tomato sauces. As such, they are most notably the main ingredient in our red pizza sauces. One of the best ways to enjoy their quality and flavor is the Pizza Margherita, a simple, yet extraordinary pizza that starts with our P.D.O. Certified San Marzano marinara sauce baked with our “Fior di Latte” mozzarella, then drizzled with our P.G.I. Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil and finished with fresh basil leaves.

Find out more about our delicious Neapolitan Pizzas here and for a definition of the P.D.O. certification and other ways we are committed to quality, please visit our page on Quality.